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Finding Your Passion

Discovering what motivates you:

The search for what motivates us has captivated psychologists for over a century. Consistent research on personality functioning has afforded us an understanding of the relationship between our personality structure and what we are naturally inclined to enjoy and find comforting. Often, a mismatch between our naturally occurring traits and our environment can account for a great deal of suffering and psychological distress. Understanding your personality can therefore help you capitalize on your traits, configure your environment to maximize your engagement in what makes you happy, and avoid situations you would not enjoy. The scientific mapping of your personality traits can help you:

  • Make more informed career decisions.
  • Better understand what types of interpersonal relationships you would most enjoy.
  • Plan ahead for the future you want.
  • Better understand why things went wrong in the past.
  • Better assess whether your current circumstances are optimal for you.

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