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Psychological Services in Little Rock, AR


Understanding yourself, your vulnerabilities, your personality structure and the world around you is a great asset. It allows you to clearly articulate your values and set a life-course that brings you meaning and fulfillment. 

When clinical symptoms such as anxiety, depression and personality difficulties obscure that path, clinical psychology uses the scientific understanding of behavior and mental health to provide the strategic guidance you need to overcome issues and get life back on track.

Learn more about YOU.


What We Offer

Evidence-based Psychotherapy

Including cognitive-behavioral and dialectical behavioral therapy – to address a wide range of clinical disorders

Psychological Assessments

Tailored to specific clinical questions; these include diagnostic clarification, personality assessment and psychoeducational assessments

Forensic Evaluation and Consultation

Central Arkansas Psychological Services provides psychological evaluations and psycholegal consultations on criminal and civil cases. Dr. Hugo Morais and Dr. Brittani Baldwin have extensive experience in the assessment of psycholegal capacities, in making recommendations regarding treatment and restoration, and in the assessment of risk. Psycholegal services include:
• Evaluations of competency or fitness to proceed
• Evaluations of mental status at the time of an offense
• Juvenile transfer evaluations
• Evaluations of parental fitness
• Evaluations in proceedings involving sexual offenses
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