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The experience of anxiety is characterized by intense feelings of tension, fear, worried thoughts,  and accompanying physical changes like elevated heart rate, high blood pressure, and even sweating and dizziness.  When we struggle with anxiety, we may experience recurring intrusive thoughts and concerns that maintain and intensify our feelings of impending catastrophe. To cope with such uncomfortable symptoms, we often develop ineffective strategies like excessively avoiding important situations, or even developing such intense fear that we may feel paralyzed in the face of important life decisions. In some cases, anxiety is characterized by panic attacks which are sudden, overwhelming surges of intense fear far beyond simply feeling stressed. Anxiety can also occur as an extremely intense fear of specific things or situations, such as phobias. Feelings of anxiety tend to become worse in times of important life transitions. Anxiety is also exacerbated by difficult, tragic world events. Thankfully, psychotherapy offers a wide range of interventions to address anxiety disorders. Experiencing more than a few of the following difficulties may indicate the need to address your anxiety with a mental health professional:

  • Difficulties controlling feelings of nervousness and excessive worrying.
  • Difficulties concentrating.
  • Sleep difficulties.
  • Feelings of fatigue and exhaustion.
  • Feeling irritable and on edge.
  • Intense, uncontrollable nervousness in social situations.
  • Intense fear of going out in public.
  • Abrupt surges of intense physical sensations associated with fear such as heart palpitations, sweating, shortness of breath, and chest pain or discomfort.

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Evidence-based clinical interventions can provide much needed relief from anxiety so you can live more fully. In times of grief and uncertainty, psychotherapy can offer hope and grounding to help you keep moving forward in the face of adversity. Schedule an appointment today.

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