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Post-traumatic Stress

Responses to traumatic events can vary from person to person. While some people who encountered a traumatic event can experience long-lasting anxiety-based symptoms, others may predominantly experience mood and even interpersonal difficulties. Current clinical research indicates that when left untreated, responses to trauma can pose a significant mental health risk. As with other classes of mental health concerns, psychotherapy offers a variety of evidence-based interventions to address difficulties related to traumatic experiences. Examples of significant and long-lasting traumatic reactions can include the following:

  • Experiences of recurrent intrusive, distressing traumatic memories.
  • Recurrent trauma-related nightmares.
  • Distressing emotional and physiological responses to trauma reminders.
  • Changing your daily life substantially to avoid trauma reminders.
  • Chronic feelings of high anxiety.
  • Trauma-related flashbacks.
  • Dissociative symptoms such as difficulties remembering aspects of traumatic events.

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